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Caroline Greenhalgh
Caroline Greenhalgh
Executive Director, Three Dimensional Impact Ltd
Caroline‘s professional bio / interests
I am the Executive Director of Three Dimensional Impact Ltd. My experience is centred on supporting charities, philanthropists and funders to strengthen their collective impact by working collaboratively. I believe in working with funders and charities to utilise research and employ evidence-based interventions in order to identify sustainable and innovative solutions that are both impactful and scalable. I have both a practical and academic interest in trends in philanthropic giving and in particular how donors engage with philanthropy and conceptualise and measure the effectiveness of their giving. I also have extensive knowledge of strategy, fundraising and development, governance and evaluation. I am currently researching for my PhD at the University of Birmingham in which I seek to examine how high net worth individuals utilise evidence to inform their philanthropy. I am an Associate Fellow of Green Templeton College, University of Oxford, an Emeritus board member of the Fund for Global Human Rights, a trustee of The Grange Festival; I serve on the advisory panel of The Sacred Nature Initiative and am a member of the Fundraising Board of the Liberal Democrats and sit on the Advisory Board of the Rivers Forum.
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05 May, 2023