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Amir Hassanpour
Amir Hassanpour
Senior Investment Analyst, QUMMIF | Investment Fund
Amir‘s professional bio / interests
Amir Hassanpour is a diligent finance professional specializing in investment analysis, trading, and portfolio management. He is currently pursuing an MSc in Investment and Finance at Queen Mary University of London, where he also serves as a Senior Investment Analyst at the University's MSc Investment Fund (QUMMIF). His responsibilities include conducting meticulous financial analysis, mentoring junior analysts, and identifying promising investment opportunities.
I’d like help with…
Amir Hassanpour is passionate about sharing his expertise and insights in the finance sector. With his experience in investment analysis, portfolio management, and trading strategies, he is well-equipped to assist aspiring finance professionals and fellow industry colleagues. He can provide guidance on navigating financial markets, conducting thorough investment analyses, and developing effective trading strategies. Additionally, Amir is open to mentoring opportunities, speaking engagements, and collaborative projects where his expertise can add value. Reach out if you believe Amir's knowledge and skills could be beneficial to you or your organization.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
Outside his professional life, he enjoys strategic board games, and poker.
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A career highlight
A standout moment in Amir Hassanpour's career was the successful establishment of Matrix Fund in Tehran. Demonstrating his entrepreneurial acumen and strategic foresight, Amir not only raised over €120,000 from potential investors but also developed an innovative automated trading strategy for gold and US-Bond derivatives.
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16 May, 2023