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Jason McArthur
Jason McArthur
BA Student, University of Plymouth
Jason‘s professional bio / interests
Studying for BA (Hons) in History, Heritage & Archaeology with the University of Plymouth, Strode Campus. Had a long career in payroll, but I am now looking for a more personally fulfilling position aiding others around the world.
I’d like help with…
After successfully completing my degree, I aim to work for an organisation that reflects my core values and beliefs. The world in which we live faces so many diverse and equally difficult decisions & actions to be taken. War, famine, ecological destruction, health, education and many other topics lack the attention & action required for the long-term survival of our species. I would therefore like to connect with organisations that recognise these issues and are actively working towards improvements and lobbying global governments to pick up the pace of their response.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
In 1997 I scuba-dived with dolphins in the Red Sea, probably the most amazing experience of my life, one that showed me that given a change of environment, mankind really isn't king. I'm also starting to learn to speak Greek.
I live in
A career highlight
It may not be a highlight that most people would identify with, but being made redundant after Covid was an absolute blessing in hindsight. It has opened the doors to higher education, a level I never thought I could achieve. I've nearly completed the first year of a three-year degree, and I can see many opportunities opening up ahead of me.
Joined Guild
17 May, 2023