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Thomas Amoani
Thomas Amoani
Economics and Finance Student, Brunel University London
Thomas‘s professional bio / interests
I am currently in my final year of studying for a bachelor's degree in economics and finance at Brunel University London. Having a deep passion for this field, I aim to pursue a career as a Macroeconomist, mapping my way into the enterprises of central banking, public policy, private economic consultancy and international economics. I am particularly interested in using Economic theory and Econometric models, along with Statistical Programming Tools, to analyze policies and bring about positive changes. Through my academic journey at Brunel University London, I have gained a solid foundation in economic principles, quantitative methods, and data analysis techniques that I believe will be instrumental in my future endeavours. I am keen to connect with professionals who share my enthusiasm for economics and finance, and who are making significant contributions, particularly in areas of my interest. I believe that networking with industry experts and like-minded individuals will provide valuable insights and opportunities for collaboration as I embark on my career path. I welcome anyone interested to connect with me here and on LinkedIn.
I’d like help with…
Industry insights and opportunities to carve out a successful career in Economics, Policy, and Finance. Finding useful connections and job opportunities in central banking, government agencies, private economics consultancy firms, international economic agencies, financial institutions, financial markets firms, etc.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I love reading, art, and music. I also like to help others by volunteering.
I live in
A career highlight
Economics outreach champion, Student Ambassador (Volunteer)
Joined Guild
20 May, 2023