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Arpith Prasanth
Arpith Prasanth
MSc Data Science and Analytics with Advanced Research, University of Hertfordshire
Arpith‘s professional bio / interests
As a recent graduate with a Master's degree in Data Science and Analytics, I am eager to launch my career as a Data Analyst, Business Analyst, or Technology Consultant. Throughout my education and previous experience, I have developed a strong passion for data analysis and a desire to help organizations harness the power of data to drive growth and improve operations. My educational background has equipped me with a solid foundation in statistical analysis, programming languages such as Python, data visualization, and machine learning techniques. Additionally, I have gained experience working on real-world projects through virtual internships and coursework. As an enthusiastic and driven individual, I am eager to learn from experienced professionals and contribute my skills to a dynamic team. I am confident that my analytical abilities, attention to detail, and problem-solving skills will enable me to excel in an entry-level role in the data science field.
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20 May, 2023