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Yesvidha Manikandan
Yesvidha Manikandan
Full-time student, Coventry University
Yesvidha‘s professional bio / interests
Master's student in International Business Management at Coventry University with a strong foundation in business principles and management strategies. Through practical experience and coursework, gained valuable skills in project management, team leadership, and cross-cultural communication
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Career development
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
Here's a slightly longer, yet still amusing, fact about me: Despite my genuine love for golf and horse riding, it's quite the humorous situation because I've never actually had the chance to try either of them. I'm like a devoted fan who knows all the ins and outs, admires the elegance and precision of golf swings, and envisions the thrill of horseback riding through scenic landscapes. But in reality, my personal experience with these activities is nonexistent. I find myself daydreaming about effortlessly swinging a golf club or galloping on horseback, yet I've never taken that leap to actually try them. So, for now, I'll remain a passionate spectator, cheering on golfers and equestrians from the sidelines, while secretly harbouring a desire to one day join their ranks and experience the exhilaration firsthand.
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A career highlight
In the future, I aspire to take on increasingly challenging roles in the field of strategic leadership. With a strong foundation in business analysis, management consulting, marketing coordination, project coordination, and business development, I aim to leverage my diverse skill set to drive innovation, foster growth, and create a lasting impact within organizations. Through my continued professional development and dedication to lifelong learning, I envision myself in a leadership position where I can spearhead transformative initiatives, shape business strategies, and inspire teams to achieve their full potential. With a relentless drive for success and a passion for driving positive change, I am excited to embark on an impactful and fulfilling future career journey.
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24 May, 2023