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Robert Wagner
Robert Wagner
Founder / Commercial Director, CLO100 Limited
Robert‘s professional bio / interests
I've 30 years+ experience in Learning and Organisational Development, split between working with a number of blue-chip organisations and building two successful training consultancies. My L&D career started with The AA, where I learnt the basics and developed my passion for people development. I then spent 11 years with Direct Line and RBS Insurance before spending 15 years building DPG in to one of the UK’s largest providers of CIPD Qualifications, Kirkpatrick Evaluation certifications and ILM programmes. After exiting DPG, I spent 18 Months working in the wellbeing and mental health space, helping to design and develop a ground-breaking wellbeing programme for The Healing Hub. I most recently founded CLO100 with Cathy Hoy, where we specialise in providing practical and strategic development and networking opportunities for Senior L&D professionals who want to align L&D to strategic organisational objectives. This is done via the "Strategic L&D Leaders Programme" I'm a Member of the CIPD, IOD and a Fellow of the LPI, and a trustee of The Jude Brady Foundation charity, raising awareness of stillbirth and neonatal mortality.
I’d like help with…
Spreading the word about The CLO100 Learning Leaders Programme to senior L&D professionals who may not already be aware of it and how it can help them and their organisation to become even more effective in this fast paced and ever changing world.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I can juggle whilst reciting the alphabet backwards, not that useful most days, and probably not that interesting, but it is a wee bit unusual.
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A career highlight
In my professional journey, one of the most fulfilling endeavors I've embarked upon is the creation of the Learning Leaders Programme. This initiative is not just another training programme - it is a transformative experience that unites senior L&D professionals from diverse backgrounds. At its core, the Learning Leaders Programme is designed to foster growth, encourage innovation, and promote collaboration among its participants. What sets this programme apart is its unique approach to development. Rather than following a traditional curriculum, the program is tailored to each participant, addressing their specific challenges and goals. This personalised learning journey encourages L&D leaders to explore new horizons, challenge their perceptions, and ultimately, drive their organisations forward. But it's not just about individual growth. The Learning Leaders Programme also places a strong emphasis on community. Participants are given ample opportunities to connect, collaborate, and learn from each other, creating a support network that extends far beyond the confines of the programme. The result? A dynamic, empowered cohort of L&D leaders equipped with the knowledge, skills, and connections they need to make a significant impact in their respective organizations. For HR directors looking to invest in their L&D managers, the Learning Leaders Programme presents an opportunity to nurture your team's talents, expand their perspective, and strengthen your organisation's learning and development capabilities.
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25 May, 2023