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Ganesh Baniya
Ganesh Baniya
Co-founder & CEO, Icarus Media Myanmar
Ganesh‘s professional bio / interests
Ganesh is co-founder of Icarus Media with five vertical brands in the digital product portfolio. He specializes in sustainable media development in volatile markets. GandaWinTM, one of his brain childs created in 2013 when Myanmar became independent. It is the first and largest women empowerment brand in Myanmar which encourages social dialogues on both sensitive & fun topics with a reach of 11 million people per month. After going dark for nearly a year due to the 2021 political upheaval in Myanmar he is on a journey to reviving the brands. The other brand focuses include skills development for the Myanmar labor market, parenting psychology and mental wellbeing. His experience goes beyond MediaTech and expands into the TravelTech, MarTech & FinTech industry. He is a qualified Agile practitioner and played key leading roles in a few digital transformation projects. He is passionate about customer experience, product design and creating constructive social changes. He is an ICF registered coach and mentors a few media startups in Asia for sustainability and growth.
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26 May, 2023