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Babatunde TOWOLAWI
Babatunde TOWOLAWI
Student, Cardiff Metropolitan University
Babatunde‘s professional bio / interests
As a former banker in Nigeria, I have held various roles including service teller, funds transfer officer, customer service representative, and entrepreneur. Through these positions, I have gained valuable experience and developed a diverse skill set within the financial industry. my experiences as a banker and entrepreneur have equipped me with a strong financial instinct, and I am passionate about leveraging my expertise to drive innovation and contribute to the success of organizations and individuals.
I’d like help with…
I am seeking help to gain practical knowledge in offering financial and consulting services both online and in-person. I want to enhance my expertise in assisting clients with their financial challenges and goals. Whether it's virtual or on-site, I aim to provide valuable solutions and support to individuals and organizations. I am motivated to acquire the skills and experience needed to excel in delivering these services effectively.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
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A career highlight
One of the career highlights as a service teller during my tenure at three different financial institutions in Nigeria was consistently achieving high levels of customer satisfaction and recognition for excellent service. Through my attention to detail, friendly demeanor, and efficient handling of transactions
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31 May, 2023