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Adenike Oladimeji
Adenike Oladimeji
Student, University of ilorin
Adenike‘s professional bio / interests
A creative thinker that is driven to always get better at everything I do. Ambitious and have a great desire to bring a positive change to every environment within which I’m placed. Despite my competitive nature, I have exceptional cooperation skills and team building qualities. I have the ability to envision, create and follow through on projects from start to finish. I enjoy undertaking challenging tasks as it helps me to acquire new skills. Idealistic visionary yet guided by common sense and pragmatism.The niche of specialty assigned to deliver tasks to the success of growth in the organization. Determined and Ambitious in view to solve all financial problems, ensuring critical thinking. A Financial analyst in-view & Multifaceted Content Creator! Blending a passion for Investment analysis, Product Management, Business development, Digital Marketing and Project Management. I infuse my creative penchant with my immediate environment & resources to create visually engaging strategies.
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A career highlight
Qualitative tools: Financial Analysis, Excellent Marketing skills, Strong Communication abilities including written and oral, a great observer, Time management abilities, and Puntual, Research. Software skills: Content creation and writing, Canvas. Unique Techniques:Quick Learner, Leadership, Emotional intelligence, Personal Effectiveness, Conflict Resolution, interpersonal skills, Teamwork, self-motivated
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31 May, 2023