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Erkan Malcok
Erkan Malcok
Student, Open University
Erkan‘s professional bio / interests
Born in France and enriched by life in Portugal, I'm currently a London-based data science student embracing simplicity in my work. My diverse experiences contribute to my unique perspective, and my passion for data science keeps me curious and driven. As a Data Science student, I have gained a strong foundation in the fundamentals of data science, including statistics, programming, and data analysis. I am proficient in tools such as Python, Jupyter, and SQL and have explored topics such as machine learning, data visualization, and data ethics. In addition, I have acquired essential skills in exploring and interpreting data, testing hypotheses, nonparametric and goodness-of-fit tests, regression, transformations and the modelling process. I have learned to use statistical tests to evaluate hypotheses, model relationships between variables, and transform data to fit a particular model.
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Computational Mathematics, Applied Statistics, Probability, Macing every day, dark coffee before 8, Blonde beer after 5.
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Design Award.
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05 June, 2023