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Aishwarya Dutt
Aishwarya Dutt
Student completing Masters in Commercial and Corporate Law, Queen Mary University of London
Aishwarya‘s professional bio / interests
I am a highly motivated and accomplished legal professional with a strong educational background and extensive experience in commercial and corporate law, pursuing a Master of Laws (L.L.M.) specializing in Commercial and Corporate Law from Queen Mary University of London, I possess a solid foundation in various areas of law, including mergers and acquisitions, international economic law, arbitration and company law.
I’d like help with…
As a part of my academic journey, I am undertaking a dissertation on Special Purchase Acquisition Companies (SPACs), focusing on their potential as a public listing route, especially for countries that have yet to regulate SPACs. While the groundwork has been laid, I'm reaching out to this group in hopes of tapping into the collective wisdom and diverse experiences here to further enrich my understanding. I would highly appreciate any guidance, resources, insights, or contacts relevant to this subject. Furthermore, as I anticipate the completion of my studies, I'm looking forward to transitioning into a role in the Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) field, preferably in London. While I bring a unique mix of Indian and UK legal education and a drive to excel, I'm still exploring the job market and trying to find a suitable match. Any assistance, advice, or job leads relevant to the M&A sphere would be highly beneficial. Please feel free to contact me should you have any suggestions, or if there's anything that you'd like to discuss further. Your support in this endeavour is greatly appreciated. Looking forward to productive interactions.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
Beyond the legal realm, I have diverse interests and hobbies, including crochet, abstract art and being a professional scuba diver. With a passion for law and a drive for excellence, I am committed to delivering exceptional legal counsel and making a positive impact in the field of commercial and corporate law.
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International Student Representative of Queen Mary University of London for 2022-23
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06 June, 2023