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Saud Mohammad Husain Panchi
Saud Mohammad Husain Panchi
Customer Assistant, Co-Op Food, Mahl.Qa
Saud Mohammad Husain‘s professional bio / interests
Hi, my name is Saud Panchi. I am an experienced professional with a background in ecommerce and social media management. As the co-founder of Mahl.Qa, an ecommerce company selling products online to customers in Qatar, I developed the website, handled the operations, and managed the social media accounts. In addition, I worked as a freelancer for clients to manage social media accounts, further honing my skills in the field. Currently, I am working at Co-Op as a customer assistant, where I am putting my customer service skills to work in order to provide excellent service to our patrons. This is my first month at Co-Op, and I am excited to continue learning and growing within the company. In order to further my education and expand my knowledge of information systems, I am pursuing an MSc in Information Systems Management from the University of Sheffield. This program has given me a deeper understanding of how technology can be used to improve business operations, and I look forward to applying this knowledge to future endeavors. In all of my professional pursuits, I am dedicated to providing top-notch service and delivering high-quality results. I am passionate about my work and committed to making a positive impact in whatever role I take on.
I’d like help with…
As a technology intern pursuing an MSc in Information Systems Management, I'm eager to gain hands-on experience working with cutting-edge technologies while also building a strong foundation in the theoretical concepts of information systems management. To achieve this, I'll need help with advanced technical skills that are relevant to my internship and coursework. This could mean seeking guidance on programming languages, database management, or cybersecurity protocols. Networking is also important to me. I hope to build industry connections that can help me advance in my career. I'll need help with identifying networking opportunities, attending professional conferences, and finding mentors who can offer advice on how to succeed in this field. As an intern, I'll be given projects to manage or contribute to. Project management is a skill that I'm eager to develop, but I'll need help with prioritizing tasks, communicating with stakeholders, and meeting deadlines. Professional development is also important to me. Pursuing an MSc in Information Systems Management demonstrates my commitment to advancing my skills and knowledge in this field. I'll need help with identifying areas where I can continue to grow and finding additional resources like online courses or workshops that can support my academic and professional goals. Finally, when my internship comes to an end, I'll be looking to transition into a full-time job. I'll need help with job searching strategies, preparing for interviews, and refining my resume and cover letter.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I have experience working with diverse teams and cultures as I have lived and worked in different countries like England (UK), Qatar, India. This exposure has helped me understand different perspectives and work collaboratively.
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A career highlight
One of the most memorable experiences in my career was when I founded a startup in Qatar and worked on it for two years. While the venture ultimately had to be shut down due to unforeseen circumstances, it was an incredible learning opportunity that shaped my career path moving forward. As a startup founder, I learned how to navigate the unique challenges of doing business in Qatar, such as navigating local regulations and building relationships with clients from diverse cultures. I also developed skills in strategic planning, marketing, and team management, which have been invaluable in subsequent roles. While closing the startup was a challenging experience, it taught me the importance of resilience and adaptability in the face of adversity. These lessons continue to guide me today as I tackle new challenges and pursue new opportunities. I now bring this same spirit of perseverance and problem-solving to every project that I undertake. Whether working within a team or managing a complex project, I know that the lessons I learned through my startup experience will continue to serve me well as I grow in my career.
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06 June, 2023