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Temitope Olayide
Temitope Olayide
MBA Graduate, University of Sunderland
Temitope‘s professional bio / interests
A highly motivated MBA student with over 5 years of experience in commercial settings, specializing in tech and finance. Demonstrated expertise and leadership throughout the journey, successfully leading team projects and achieving victories in business challenges. Notable contributions include strong analytical skills, strategic thinking, dedication to research and problem-solving. Possesses exceptional abilities in relationship-building and market research, excelling in the field of Business Development. Actively seeking entry-level and graduate roles to apply knowledge and drive growth. Offers a valuable asset to organizations with a solid academic foundation, practical experience, and a proactive approach in Business Development.
I’d like help with…
Starting up my Business Development job role in the UK
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I possess a profound passion for vocational pursuits, as evidenced by my acquisition of vocational certificates in the areas of event planning, event styling, catering, and cake baking.
I live in
A career highlight
As a career highlight, I participated in the INNOVATE CREATE CHALLENGE organized by the Digital Incubator at the University of Sunderland. In this intense competition, my team and I demonstrated our innovative capabilities and dedication by successfully completing an award-winning business plan within a demanding timeframe of 48 hours. As the lead marketer, I played a crucial role in our team's success. I conducted extensive research to determine the cost price of our proposed product and identified the most effective marketing medium to promote it. Additionally, I actively contributed to the development of a compelling company name and slogan that perfectly aligned with our organization's purpose. During the Innovate Create Challenge, I had the privilege of assuming the role of lead presenter. Through my engaging presentation, I effectively communicated our business plan and its unique value proposition. As a result, I was honored with the Best Presenter accolade, which highlighted my skills in delivering impactful messages. This experience significantly enhanced my proficiency in team building, as evidenced by our team emerging as the ultimate winners of the challenge. Through collaboration, dedication, and innovative thinking, we showcased our ability to overcome challenges and deliver outstanding results. Overall, the INNOVATE CREATE CHALLENGE was a pivotal career highlight for me, demonstrating my expertise in marketing, presentation skills, and ability to thrive in high-pressure environments.
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07 June, 2023