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Paul Mcivor
Paul Mcivor
Volunteer Adviser, Citizens Advice
Paul‘s professional bio / interests
I am currently A full time student in My fourth Year of my BA Honours Law degree. I am also working on a voluntary basis as an adviser at citizens advice. I am interested in pursuing a career as a solicitor. I have a fair number of areas of Law that I am interested in such as immigration and asylum Law, Family Law and international Public Law but I am very interested in Commercial Law.
I’d like help with…
I would like to know if there are many Law firms that are willing to employ someone while they aim to take the SQE and if anyone has had experience with this? I am currently in Scotland
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I live in
A career highlight
The highlight of My career so far was Qualifying as an adviser for Citizens advice and seeing the positive impact I have had in my Local community and seeing the difference I have made to peoples lives. their appreciation has been humbling and the most rewarding thing I have done to date.
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07 June, 2023