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Sam Watts
Sam Watts
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Sam‘s professional bio / interests
Currently a teaching assistant. I adore working with children as they have such a different way of looking at life. During lockdown I worked 121 online and thoroughly enjoyed this way of working and Bookmark gives me a great opportunity to do so. I can't wait to help the children and make a difference. I love the outlook children have on life. I am newly disabled and children see past my rollator or scooter and just see me. My very first day of using a rollator I was very nervous. The class thought it very cool as I would be able to take it trick or treating and have somewhere to store my sweets! I love to help children and in particular build their confidence and self esteem.
I’d like help with…
Always looking for opportunities to grow and develop so I am the best I can be. I can "get by" with computers but when it talks about zipped I am baffled. Extraction to me is having a tooth out!
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I won the school lottery! At first I thought that's nice to have an extra £10 but I actually won the jackpot of £25,000. I used some of the money to buy school a buddy bench with a plaque that says "Buddy Bench If someone has lost their smile, give them one of yours" The idea is if someone feels sad or lonely, they can sit on the bench and a friend will go and talk to them.
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A career highlight
I used to work for Barclays and won the Dream Machine award which was nominated by my colleagues. It paid for me, my husband, his brother and sister to go to Disney land Paris first class. It was an amazing trip.
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08 June, 2023