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Harsh Sanglikar
Harsh Sanglikar
Retail Assistant, Primark
Harsh‘s professional bio / interests
Hello! I'm Harsh Sanglikar, a dedicated and results-driven Engineering Management graduate currently pursuing my Master's degree at the University of York, UK. My academic background is a unique blend of computer science and business management, which has equipped me with a strong foundation in data analysis, project management, and business simulation. In addition to my academic pursuits, I have gained practical experience in the retail sector, working as a Retail Assistant at Primark. This role has allowed me to develop my communication and customer service skills, and understand the importance of teamwork in achieving business goals. I have a passion for leveraging technology to drive business growth, and I have even published research in the field of cryptocurrency price prediction. I am also an active volunteer and have been involved in various initiatives, including coordinating workshops on Ethical Hacking, Information Security, and Big Data. Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn:
I’d like help with…
I'd like help with expanding my network and connecting with professionals from various backgrounds. I believe that diverse perspectives can greatly enhance my understanding of different industries and roles.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I have a passion for exploring new places and embracing diverse experiences. This curiosity extends to my interactions with people, as I thoroughly enjoy engaging in conversations with individuals from various backgrounds. This openness to exploration and dialogue not only enriches my personal life but also enhances my professional perspective, fostering a broader understanding of different cultures, viewpoints, and ideas.
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A career highlight
A significant highlight of my career so far has been the successful management of a virtual bicycle manufacturing business for ten simulated years using the advanced business simulation software, SimVenture Evolution. This experience allowed me to make decisions in all areas of the business, including sales, marketing, finance, operations, and R&D, and analyze their impact on performance and sustainability. It was a practical application of my academic knowledge and a testament to my business management and decision-making skills.
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12 June, 2023