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Ali Arbi
Ali Arbi
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I'm Ali Arbi, a final year law student eagerly awaiting graduation and the announcement of my results. I've dedicated myself to the University of London LLB (Hons) external programme in Pakistan and will soon be embarking on an exciting new chapter of my academic journey—an LLM program in the United Kingdom this fall. Throughout my time as a law student, I've been driven by a passion for both academic knowledge and practical experience. While diligently acquiring legal expertise, I've also actively sought internships to gain hands-on exposure in the legal field. I had the privilege of interning at a prestigious Pakistani litigation firm, where I honed my skills in legal research, drafting, courtroom proceedings, and client interactions. One aspect of my journey that has been particularly fulfilling is my involvement in moot court competitions. From the very beginning of my law school journey, I immersed myself in these competitions. In my first year, my city achieved a remarkable feat by winning the national rounds of the Philip C Jessup Moot Competition for the first time in over 30 years. What's more, we made it to the top 15% in the global rounds, showcasing our prowess on an international stage. The experience was exhilarating, and it fueled my determination to excel further. In a competition hosted by Oxford University, I had the honor of being crowned the second best oralist globally—an achievement that further reinforced my commitment to the legal profession. Passionate about nurturing talent, I also took on the role of a student coach, guiding and mentoring teams to victory in various prestigious moot court competitions. As I approached my final year, I felt a deep curiosity for politics and human psychology. I decided to immerse myself in my university's panel elections, which simulated the dynamics of general elections and bar room politics. Stepping into the world of real-life chess games and engaging in countless conversations with people from all walks of life proved to be an exhausting yet eye-opening experience. It was a true test of my communication skills, persuasion abilities, and understanding of human behavior. Against all odds, I emerged victorious in the elections and assumed the role of President of the largest University of London student body in Pakistan. Those two months were undoubtedly the most addictive, exciting, and dopamine-pumping period of my life—a truly humbling experience. Beyond law and politics, I've developed a strong fascination for philosophy, especially its exploration of morality, law, fear, and sanctions. This discipline has provided me with valuable insights into human nature and equipped me with the tools to tailor my approach when dealing with different individuals. It has not only enriched my law studies but also facilitated meaningful connections with partners from various firms, resulting in multiple job offers. While I had to decline these offers because my ultimate aspiration is to work with a Magic Circle law firm in the UK, I firmly believe that a basic understanding of philosophy can benefit anyone. It has the power to materialize untapped skills and enhance overall professional competence.
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Let me share some interesting and unusual facts about myself that make me who I am. Aside from my passion for the law, I have an unabashed love for wearing suits. There's something about the elegance and sophistication of a well-tailored suit that captivates me. I enjoy discovering different types of cloth materials and am constantly on the lookout for the perfect suit that embodies my personal style. It's an ongoing quest that I find both exciting and rewarding. But my fashion interests don't stop there. I also have a fascination with shoes. From skateboarding shoes to dress shoes, I appreciate the diverse range of styles and designs available. In fact, I've developed a collection over the years that reflects my eclectic tastes and love for footwear. While my dedication to my studies and professional pursuits is paramount, I firmly believe in the importance of preserving my sanity. That's why I make it a point to take 1-2 hours out of my busy schedule for what I like to call my "socializing space." Whether it's meeting friends for coffee or engaging in meaningful conversations, this dedicated time allows me to recharge and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Another intriguing aspect of my personality is my penchant for watching shows. However, I have a rather unusual habit that accompanies this pastime. I find myself easily influenced by the main characters and their approaches to life. It's almost as if I adopt their perspectives and apply them to my own experiences. This quirk adds a unique dimension to my interactions and keeps me open-minded to different perspectives and possibilities. In a nutshell, I'm a law enthusiast with an unyielding love for suits and a collection of shoes to match. I treasure my socializing space and the opportunity it provides to connect with others. And yes, I have this peculiar habit of embracing the main character approach from shows, allowing their influences to shape my outlook on life.
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