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Brintha Srinivasan
Brintha Srinivasan
Data Analyst, LG Improve
Brintha‘s professional bio / interests
Experienced in leveraging advanced Excel functions and data analysis, I am a meticulous professional dedicated to extracting valuable insights from complex datasets. With expertise in using formulas such as Vlookup, Index, Match, and Sumifs, I excel at transforming raw data into meaningful information. My strong organizational skills and proficiency in statistical formulae ensure accurate analysis and efficient data management. I possess a talent for presenting complex data in visually appealing formats, enabling clear communication and informed decision-making. Committed to meeting tight deadlines, I thrive in fast-paced environments and adapt quickly to new datasets. With a focus on data integrity and security, I implement best practices to protect against unauthorized access and maintain confidentiality. As a proactive communicator and collaborative team member, I am eager to contribute my skills in organizing, analyzing, and presenting data to drive data-driven strategies and deliver impactful outcomes.
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20 June, 2023