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Lesline Gilzene
Lesline Gilzene
Founder/Researcher, Azolex LLC
Lesline‘s professional bio / interests
With a diverse background in media, law, cybersecurity, and data privacy, I bring a unique set of skills and expertise. Having worked in the media industry, I understand the power of effective communication and the art of storytelling. I leverage this knowledge to bridge the gap between complex technical concepts and their practical implications for businesses and individuals. I believe in making technology accessible and understandable to everyone. My background in law equips me with a strong understanding of legal frameworks and regulations surrounding technology, cybersecurity, and data privacy. I ensure that Azolex LLC operates within the boundaries of applicable laws, helping clients navigate the legal complexities of the digital landscape with confidence. As a cybersecurity enthusiast, I stay up to date with emerging threats and trends. I'm passionate about safeguarding sensitive information and implementing robust security measures to protect organizations from cyber attacks. My expertise in cybersecurity allows me to provide valuable insights and guidance to clients, helping them fortify their digital infrastructure and protect their valuable assets. Data privacy is a topic close to my heart. I recognize the importance of handling personal information responsibly and ensuring compliance with privacy regulations. I assist organizations in implementing privacy frameworks and practices that prioritize the protection of individual data rights, empowering them to build trust and maintain strong relationships with their customers. My multidisciplinary background, coupled with my passion for technology and its impact on society, drives my commitment to excellence.
I’d like help with…
I am eager to collaborate with others on projects that provide practical experience and exposure to real-world challenges. Working together, we can collectively learn, problem-solve, and develop a deeper understanding of how technology applies in practical settings. And it is this in which I seek help.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I am a FITNESS and WELLNESS in the workplace advocate.
I live in
A career highlight
I had the distinct opportunity to contribute significantly to the seamless implementation of my organization's data protection initiative, marking a notable milestone in my career trajectory.
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21 June, 2023