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Aishat Sarumi
Aishat Sarumi
Research Associate, NTU-MAK Partnership
Aishat‘s professional bio / interests
I am an experienced Community Outreach Assistant with a demonstrated history of working with the community through health improvement and education, and I am particularly interested in underserved minority groups and equitable health. I firmly believe in the social determinants of health as the first point of attack for any public health issue. I am also currently working on a placement as a research associate and project coordinator while pursuing a graduate degree in MA in Public Health at Nottingham Trent University to further my knowledge in sustainable development, health improvement, policy, and strategy planning. I am excited to explore opportunities in the public health sector.
I’d like help with…
Project management, community participation, community engagement, research, data analysis, data collection, grant writing, communications, media and marketing, strategic planning
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I love creating opportunities for myself in any room
I live in
A career highlight
Working as a Research associate and a Project coordinator on various projects with an accessibility-related focus was one of my most fulfilling experiences. I oversaw creating surveys, doing interviews, and gathering and analyzing data to produce useful insights. Through this initiative, I gained a profound understanding of the value of stakeholder involvement and the necessity of incorporating research findings into workable solutions that improve people's lives. I'm proud of my capacity to convey ideas to a variety of groups while modifying my thoughts to promote inclusion and accessibility.
Joined Guild
22 June, 2023