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Dan Holden
Dan Holden
Communication Consultant and Wellbeing Facilitator, All Things IC and Fresh Air Fridays
Dan‘s professional bio / interests
I'm a Chartered PR practitioner, working as a Communication Consultant at All Things IC and Chairing the CIPR Inside committee, a sub-group of volunteers delivering content and events to promote the internal communication profession on behalf of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. I joined Fresh Air Fridays in 2021 on a 12-week programme after recognising the need to focus on my wellbeing following a busy time as a communications professional. After experiencing the benefits for myself that Fresh Air Fridays brings, I continued my journey to become a facilitator.
I’d like help with…
Ideas and suggestions on ways to support internal communications profession CPD and wellbeing.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
Volunteer Royal Air Force Air Cadet Officer
I live in
A career highlight
Flying on an air to air refuelling mission with the Royal Air Force for a feature in the company magazine.
Internal Communication consultancy Professional memberships Wellbeing resources
Joined Guild
13 June, 2020