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Sooraj Viswanath
Sooraj Viswanath
Business Operations Manager, Business Student ; University of Kent ,, Enovex Private Limited (Global)
Sooraj‘s professional bio / interests
Pharmacist with a Master's in business administration from the University of Kent; 20 years of diverse experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry. I am driven and motivated by unique and complex strategic projects, focused and passionate about stakeholder engagement through transformational and situational approaches. Protect the cultural and behavioural patterns of the organization. Offer exceptional leadership and team development capabilities to achieve functional and bottom-line objectives through people management.
I’d like help with…
Help find solutions for pharmaceutical, FMCG, skin care, nutraceutical, and Rare disease business to achieve short-term and long-term objectives. These are possible through the skills like strategic development, Product development, market penetration and expansion. Further, excellent customer engagement and trade activation has helped to provide the best trade and professional relationship in the Pharmacy, commercial and hospital business.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
A unique fact is having diverse experience with multiple platforms and brands. Working with distributors helped me to fetch the learning of innovative solutions. Working with the rare disease platform (FH), involved in identifying the patients through cascading and mapping, I discovered a correlation between the local community and culture on FH probability in Oman. Unique exposure in nutritional mapping in Oman and was part of designing nutritional protocols associated with MOH- Oman, WHO and Unicef. Direct relationships between pharmacy customers and HCPs. Distributors and hospitals to activate community well-being services and hospitals In short, these experiences have empowered the unique professional to find innovation and critical thinking in any challenges he faces in business to guarantee sustainable development s. His creative approach to problem-solving sets him apart and makes him a valuable asset in any area of concern.
I live in
A career highlight
A unique neonatal nutritional drive of increasing 15% breastfeeding rates (elevation ) in Sultanate of Oman MOH hospitals, where the activation was done through HCP education, train the trainer program, NGO activation, and Private activities. Which was the highest in the region. Who nutritional mapping participation and protocol design activation, supported by the Ministry of Health
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23 June, 2023