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waqas younas
waqas younas
Project Manager, University of Sunderland
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cswip 3.1 welding inspector NDT level 2 certification
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If anyone has any great insights about the metaverse, I would greatly appreciate it (my dissertation topic for next year) - How to remain confident and calm when applying for internships/jobs after graduation, with applying and when in interviews
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I am qualified and experienced in the following: - CSWIP 3.1 Welding Inspection NDT level 2 - Level 2 Ultrasonic Testing 3.1 - Level 2 Magnetic Particle Testing - Level 2 Liquid Penetrant Testing - Level 2. Radiographic Testing I am a dedicated, ambitious and enthusiastic individual who works and communicates well with people and departments to achieve the aim whatever that may be. I am confident I have the essential skills and experience to ensure products and services have a guaranteed safeness for the industry.
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MS Applied Project Management Certified Welding inspector 3.1, NDT level 2 RT, PT, MT, UT
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25 June, 2023