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Sonali Sahu
Sonali Sahu
Retail assistant, Primark
Sonali‘s professional bio / interests
A passionate master's student at the University of Exeter with effective communication and teamwork skills, a highly self-motivated, creative, and result-oriented individual with the ability and confidence to contribute to the smooth running of the organisation. Keep developing valuable knowledge in management practices, with a focus on people and project management. I am passionate about learning, with a desire to work for a great firm alongside talented employees, to grow both professionally and personally through challenging roles. Being an international student. I have repeatedly been exposed to new cultures and diverse groups of people. this has helped me in enhancing my adaptability skills and gain a broader perspective. I have been enhancing my soft skills while studying in a dynamic and competitive university environment and I look forward to implementing and polishing them in any opportunity that I receive.
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Currently, a student at the University of Exeter studying MSc Management.
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25 June, 2023