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Alice Stephenson
Alice Stephenson
Founder & CEO, Plume
Alice‘s professional bio / interests
I'm on a mission to create and support the law firms of the future. The legal industry is steeped in tradition, archaic practices and outdated perspectives, which is why entrepreneurship and innovation are essential to creating a more modern, fit-for-purpose industry. Without it, we'll fail to attract diverse, talented and creative lawyers and ditch the stereotypes we're so sick of being associated with. I founded Plume to create a law firm that does things differently. Tackling each stereotype head-on, I'm building a forward-thinking, innovative law firm which puts people at the heart of everything it does. My mission is to empower lawyers to challenge tradition, reinvigorate law, and embrace innovation and inclusion. For far too long the legal industry has been synonymous with elitism, legal jargon and a less than exemplary reputation. I’m on a mission to change that.
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I’m the most followed UK lawyer on LinkedIn!
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Starting my own law firm!
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07 July, 2023