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Innocent Chikwanda
Innocent Chikwanda
Student, Ashesi University
Innocent‘s professional bio / interests
I am a person given to innovation and service and feel the most fulfilled in roles that allow me to apply innovation to solve real-world problems that can change the quality of life of marginalised people. I lead a social enterprise that provides digital and internet access to rural schools using mobile digital labs. I also have worked as an Entrepreneurial Intern at Nokwary Technologies, an AI company focused on making financial services more accessible to all Ghanaians through Natural Language Processing. I have worked as Teaching Assistant at Emzini weCode, an organization that teaches college-level programming to students from disadvantaged backgrounds. I have worked as a volunteer content creator at the Practical Education Network, creating practical science learning activities for Junior High Schools in Ghana from locally available materials as most cannot afford lab equipment. I have worked in many other roles of similar nature and you can find more information on my Linkedin page linked below.
I’d like help with…
Creating a stronger professional network in Software Engineering.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
I served as the President of the Zimbabwe Junior Parliament, an organisation in Zimbabwe where young people represent and advocate for the concerns of the Zimbabwean children in policy formulation, between 2018 and 2019. Zimbabwe finally instituted a law against child marriages in 2019.
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A career highlight
I was chosen as the Board of Directors representative for all the Global Fellows in the Melton Foundation Global Citizenship program. This role has given me the platform to practicalize my intercultural problem-solving abilities and communication, as I am constantly collaborating and supporting all fellows across the globe to achieve their acts of Global Citizenship within their communities. I also got the opportunity to work with world-class professionals in mature stages of their careers and gained a lot of perspective on career organisation and strategy.
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11 July, 2023