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aruna vasudevan
aruna vasudevan
book doctor | writer, The Literary Shed
aruna‘s professional bio / interests
I am a writer, development editor/book doctor who loves words in any form. Film and music were my first introduction to ‘voice’ as a child, through the film noir, Hitchcock and musicals my mother loved. Both inform my writing. I’ve been published the traditional route, under pseudonyms, and am currently working on an island thriller.
I’d like help with…
trusting my gut.
An interesting, or unusual fact(s) about me…
In my early twenties, I met Maya Angelou, in New York. I stepped back onto her foot in high-heeled boots. I was mortified – she's a hero, one of the women of colour writers who really spoke to me growing up. Allowed me to realise one can celebrate being Other. She bought me a drink and spent time chatting. An act of kindness by a great woman, a great writer. One not forgotten.
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A career highlight
My first piece of writing in print – that crack when you open the cover of an untouched book, the smell of fresh paper and ink. Can’t beat it.
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11 July, 2023