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Wendela Elsen
Wendela Elsen
Senior HR Professional, in between jobs
Wendela‘s professional bio / interests
Thank you for visiting my profile. I believe that every organisation can be a great place to work where employees are engaged and feel they can thrive. I am driven to create a People culture where people can be themselves with leaders at every level who inspire them to be the best they can be. The way I do that is by creating simplicity out of complex situations, clarity out of confusion and order out of a mess so that individuals in the organisation can focus on their tasks and their careers. I am passionate about making leaders out of managers and I am always looking for ways of improving efficiency and effectiveness. I am not afraid to question the status quo where I see opportunities for improvement. I am an experienced People leader with international experience in both internal leadership and external consulting roles focusing on strategic organisational change, organisational and individual performance improvement, leadership development, coaching, employee engagement, policy development and diversity, equity and inclusion management.
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I am currently looking for my next role. I am open to interim as well as permanent roles and I thrive in organisations that want to continuously improve and be an employer of choice. Feel free to message me to have a discussion about how my skills and experience could add value to your organisation.
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A career highlight
Achievements: - I have created a People culture where responsibilities were shifted from managers to individual knowledge workers and teams to continuously improve individual performance and performance of teams. I have coached a management team to change focus from managing the work to being inspirational leaders. This led to higher employee engagement and better client service. - I have introduced new ways of thinking (DE&I) to a leadership team which has now changed its priorities and is launching initiatives to continue making progress. This has greatly improved employee engagement. - I have advised on a change of organisational structure in a small organisation (charity) to ensure continuous high-level leadership within the boundaries of their limited financial means. - I have reviewed and simplified employee policies to make them more relevant and accessible to all users. I have written a neurodiversity policy and advised on the necessary steps to support neurodivergent employees and future employees which will reduce absence due to burn-out and improve retention and engagement.
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13 July, 2023