Guild is a mobile-first community and networking platform.

It's designed to be easy to use, wherever you are.

Here's a quick visual tour of some of the most important features on your Guild app.

Your home screen

This is what you'll see when you open the Guild mobile app.

From this screen you can:

- see all the Guild groups you're already part of
- see how many unread group posts there are
- open the navigation menu
- find more groups to join
- start your own Guild group

The navigation menu

The navigation menu holds:

- everything you need to update your profile
- a way to jump back to your groups list
- access to your Direct Messages
- access to your personal network and connections on Guild
- invitations to groups and any connection requests
- settings to manage your account and notifications

Many Admin features for Guild group admins are accessible on the mobile app, but analytics, custom branding etc. are only available when accessing Guild on a web browser:

Your Guild Profile

On the navigation menu you can access your Guild profile by clicking on your profile photo.

On the My Profile screen you can:

- update your profile photo
- add/edit your bio, interests and other profile information
- see how much applause you've accrued
- see your badges for connections and contributions
- switch your Guild profile to become discoverable
- see when you last updated your profile

Other Guild member profiles

You can also look at another Guild member's profile who:

- you share a community with
- is a connection in your personal network
- has made their profile discoverable

You can:
- see what Guild groups you share in common
- see their bio, interests and other profile information
- request to connect to them
- remove them as a connection
- introduce them to another connection in your personal network
- direct message them

Group home screens

This is the main screen for each Guild group or community you have joined. It contains plenty of options.

The most commonly used include:
-  viewing a list of the latest conversations / threads
- searching for group content via keywords
- viewing a list of group members
- viewing events that have been added to the group by the host

You can click on the header image to see:
-  who is the group host
- group purpose and guidelines
- a member list
- an option to leave the group

You can swipe any conversation or thread to:
- mute that specific conversation / thread
- mark that conversation / thread as 'read'

Reading and responding to conversations / threads

Click on any conversation /thread and you can quickly see the messages you've not yet read below the glasses symbol.

You can scroll through applaud on all individual messages in a conversation/thread.

At the bottom you can add to the conversation / thread.

Your reply can contain:
- text
- photos/images
- a video
- an attachment (e.g. a document)
- a Gif

Reading and responding to individual messages in a conversation / thread

Click on an individual message in a conversation / thread and you will see:
- who has given it applause
- who has read it

You will also see three dots. Clicking on these gives you additional options:

- 'Reply' which will add a quote the message text to your reply in the group
- 'Reply privately by DM' which will add a quote the message text to your reply as a private direct message to that individual member
- 'Copy' will copy the message to your clipboard
- Email to myself will send a copy of the message to the email address connected to your Guild profile
- 'Copy link' will copy a link the message to your clipboard

Group host or moderators, will also see:
- 'delete message' as they have the power to moderate and delete messages

More help with Guild

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Header image photo by Ghen Mar Cuaño on Unsplash

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