12:00 UPDATE... in case it wasn't clear enough already the 'announcement' below is what our friends in France call a "poisson d'avril" so not true. Happy April Fool's Day all!

In what some are calling the most ambitious crossover event in history, Guild has appointed Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to its advisory board.

Guild's partnership with Zuckerberg comes as no surprise after the latter wrote a blog post on 'a privacy-focused vision for social networking', making points that Guild has been making since September 2018.

In a statement on the pairing, Guild CEO & Founder Ashley Friedlein said:

"When Mark announced his renewed commitment to Facebook's privacy, the Guild team thought it was very genuine and not ironic at all. We have always cared about privacy as the bedrock of valuable communication, so it was welcome news to discover that the whole time Facebook did too."

A source close to the company has said that their first confidential meeting will take place in the privacy of Mark's living room.

Other sources can neither confirm nor deny that Mr. Zuckerberg is even aware of his appointment.

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