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Past guests have included James Gregson, Creative Director at LEGO, Phil Gamache, Director of Growth Marketing at WordPress, and Rand Fishkin, co-founder of SparkToro.

Guild's Chief Marketing Officer Michelle Goodall joined Landbot VP of Marketing Fernando Amaral to share her expertise on Community-Led Growth with the Ungated Marketing community.

Michelle has over twenty years of experience in planning, building and managing online communities. That much experience won't fit in to a 40-minute podcast, but Fernando and Michelle’s conversation makes a great starting point for your community strategy research.

The Community-Led Growth episode covers:

The basics of online communities – the who, what and why of professional communities

The role of community within the marketing funnel – customer relationships and prospects, developing loyalty and advocacy, and collaborating with your community to produce content they’ll love

Community platforms and spaces – the alternatives to algorithm-led, ad-funded platforms, including forums, messaging apps, blog networks, virtual worlds and dedicated online community platforms.

The dangers of algorithms and how to develop the right attitude to community engagement

Landbot editorial manager Barbora Jassova produced a fantastic summary of the episode – read the summary or listen to the full audio here

You can also listen to the episode below:

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Clips from the Community-Led Growth podcast

Michelle and Fernando discuss how community isn't just about engagement

And the value of smaller, focused audiences

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100+ community professionals were able to be part of the unique live experience. However, you can catch up with some of the content and find out how to access videos and presentations in this round-up of Insights for community builders and community managers from the Guild Community Summit

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