This is Marketing is a new campaign seeking to define and communicate the role and value of marketing today.

The campaign launched in response to a 2020 impact survey carried out by the CIM which found that over a third of marketers struggled to explain their role to others.

Increasing fragmentation, specialisation, and a lack of clarity around where it sits among other business functions have all left marketing struggling to market itself. This is Marketing hopes that by harnessing the power of the industry’s hive mind it can generate one easy-to-reference infographic that articulates the importance of marketing to today’s businesses and empowers marketers to know (and communicate) their worth.

Driven initially by a group of passionate marketers based in the North-East, This is Marketing is supported by a variety of academic and industry partners, including the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), Northumbria University, the Entrepreneurs' Forum, CIPR North East, and Food and Drink North East.

Phase one is a short survey, open until 31st March. This Is Marketing will invite participants to continue the discussion on its dedicated community hosted on Guild, which it's hoped will become a source of peer support and feedback for marketers - as well as providing qualitative data and a thorough critique of the research.

To get involved, complete the This is Marketing survey and share it amongst friends and colleagues. Once you've completed the survey you'll be invited to join the associated Guild community. We’re looking forward to hearing your views and hosting what promises to be a lively and empowering conversation for the industry.

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