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You are invited to join us for this live event with Guild founder and CEO Ashley Friedlein.

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Thursday 30th April
15.00 BST, 10.00 EDT, 07.00 PDT.

In the webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Regulatory compliance
  • 3 different types of Guild accounts (Personal, Business, Enterprise)
  • The different types of Guild user
  • Mobile and web versions of Guild
  • Guild profiles and contacts
  • Conversations and messaging
  • Getting started with Guild Groups, including:
    • Personal Groups
    • Business Groups
    • Custom branding
    • Guild’s community management features
    • Guild Analytics and Data

Ashley will answer your live questions about Guild during the webinar.

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Guild is free for personal use and for businesses who only need basic features. Our pricing and plans page gives details of the Business and Enterprise versions which include custom-branding, analytics, admin, support, access to conversation and user data.

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