As remaining restrictions ease up and pre-pandemic life starts to return, many companies are beginning to welcome employees back into the office, whether that be full or part time.

It’s great to see workforces reuniting, but when you’ve been physically separated for the best part of 18 months, with staff coming and going during this time, how do you go about rebuilding rapport, trust and connections between colleagues?

Team activities can be a great way to help people bond and can create a strong sense of community within your business.

Here are 10 team building activities that can offer something a little bit different:

Cookery classes – food notoriously brings people together, and corporate cooking classes are a great way to improve communication between your team, have fun, and learn a new skill at the same time. If you’re not ready to come back to the office yet, there are also several companies offering video-based versions of their classes. Glass of wine for the chef is optional!

Art workshops – painting is known to be an excellent stress relief, and you don’t have to be any good to enjoy it. There are a growing number of companies offering guided painting classes, walking participants through their masterpiece step by step. Everyone is left with a painting to take home.

Comedy and theatre workshops – as well as being an activity that’s likely to bring people out of their shells, a comedy or theatre workshop is an interesting way of teaching skills that can be transferred to the working day, such as how to overcome performance nerves, and getting better at thinking on your feet.

Hiking and climbing – not only do hiking or climbing trips get everybody outdoors, keeping fit and enjoying some fresh air and new environments there can be a real sense of collective achievement of a team goal at the finish or summit.

Circus skills– believe it or not there are companies dedicated to providing juggling workshops or even circus skills to businesses. Learning to juggle three balls, spin plates or watch each other learning to walk the tightrope will certainly relieve some stress amongst all your team. It’s fun, original, and focuses on mindset and trust.

Board games – who doesn’t love a good board game?! Plus they’re not as expensive as a pool table or table football - and they take up less space.

Tasting sessions – wine tasting has long been a popular team building activity, but this can exclude those who don’t drink for health reasons, personal preference or religious beliefs, for example. Similar classes that hold tea, cheese or chocolate tasting sessions can be a great alternative and many will travel to your offices.

Office treasure hunt – an office treasure hunt is a fun (and cheap!) way to get to know your work neighbourhood again, with small groups working together to find their way to an expensed lunch or dinner for example.

Singing – joining a choir, or starting your own, is the perfect way to create a real sense of togetherness in your organisation. Singing releases endorphins, and rehearsing and performing together with colleagues can helps forge stronger connections. There are many choir leaders who can run in-office sessions to help you harmonise and split into groups of tenors, altos and sopranos. Who doesn’t want to be part of a team that reaches the all the right notes?

Hold a mini-sports day – heading to a local park to hold a series of events is a great way to lighten the tension we’ve all felt over the past year or so, and have fun together. As well as your typical running, throwing, jumping or team events like softball you can throw in activities like face-painting, egg and spoon or sack races.

Why not ask colleagues what they would prefer to take part in, or ask for suggestions for team building activities?

Be sure to check on Covid restrictions first however, and make sure that whatever you’re planning falls within government guidelines.

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