Online communities have been around for decades.  

But the accelerated digital transformation during the pandemic has brought community strategy and community management into the sights of many more marketers and communications professionals

It's always a pleasure to speak to Asif Choudry.

Asif and his team created #CommsHero 7 years ago. Fed up of paying hundreds of pounds for conferences that delivered little value, he decided to create his own and try something different.

He launched the CommsHero brand, #CommsHero hashtag, swag and event that has toured the UK and has latterly become a virtual event (27 September - 01 October - find out about the 2021 CommsHero week here)

After a brief throwback discussion about my kickboxing youth (and being one degree away from Chuck Norris), Asif and I spoke about how Public Relations and Communications professionals have all the right skills to capitalise on the renaissance of online communities and how important it is to not miss the opportunity.

You can listen to the interview on Spotify, Apple or find other links on CommsHero.

In it we cover:

- Why does online community strategy and community management play exceptionally well to comms and PR practitioners skillsets?

- What skills are required to be a great community strategist and community manager?

- What is Community Based Marketing (CBM)?

- Why does the comms and PR sector need to understand this new marketing play?

- Are social platforms the best spaces for communities?

- What skills are required that are different from social media 'community' strategy/management?

- How can you convince clients or senior stakeholders to invest in online community?

- Why Timpson CEO James Timpson is my #CommsHero (and what amazing things billionaires should do that doesn't include going to space)  

Check out the speaker line up and book your ticket to CommsHero, the virtual event for Comms professionals, 27th September – 1st October.

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