Guild communities are a goldmine for business expertise, advice and connections for entrepreneurs and business owners.

You can reap huge benefits from connecting and networking with fellow business owners and sector experts on Guild.

There are specialist professional communities covering many sectors from marketing and PR through law, human resources, technology, media, diversity and inclusion, sustainability, education and much more.

Here's a guide to some of the professional communities for entrepreneurs you can join right now on Guild.

Entrepreneurs are welcome in many professional communities on Guild
There are many communities for entrepreneurs on Guild

Raising Equity Investment - startups & scaleups

Are you a start up or a scale up business? Do you have a business idea that you're hoping to get off the ground?

Investment and corporate governance expert Julie Barber hosts this supportive investment community to help start-up and scale-up become investor-ready. Share insights and ask for advice on raising equity investment via Angel Investors, VCs, Family Offices and CVCs.

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Crowdfunding Academy

Want to know more about Crowdfunding?

Jamie Harford runs this support network for anyone interested in crowdfunding. Jamie has helped crowdfunders raise £100m in investment in 2020 alone. Join to uncover the benefits and to avoid the pitfalls of crowdfunding.

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Future of Work – reimagining business

Want to create or run a business that is future-facing and is so much more than just profit-driven ?

Author and business advisor Mike Weston manages this community for sharing knowledge around work-life balance, profit and purpose, power distribution, business structure and KPIs. Join a wonderful group of business owners, advisors and senior professionals discussing and designing a better future for the world of work.

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The professional communities for entrepreneurs and business owners, start ups and scale ups on Guild can provide valuable expertise, advice and connections

Like Minds

Want to scale your business and share your challenges and learnings with peers?

Like Minds founder Andrew Ellis has created a community for business owners and leaders who want to scale their business. Share your business challenges in a supportive environment and find out about events and opportunities to help run your business even better.

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Media Entrepreneur Meet-up

Are you an entrepreneur in the media space?

This community is for founders and CEOs of B2B subscriptions, media and events businesses to share learnings, insights, and contacts. Hosted by Collingwood Advisory – membership is free but subject to approval by independent curators.

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Aussie Entrepreneurial Creatives

Calling all Australian entrepreneurs and business owners looking to break into the Australian market.

Join Rory Tanner in the Aussie Entrepreneurial Creatives group. Open to all entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs. Join to share, learn or mentor fellow entrepreneurs.

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Innovation Roundtable

Want to hang out with a community living and breathing digital innovation?

Join David Reilly and a group of professionals from many sectors having candid conversations about effective innovation in organisations. Members share their own experience as well as resources and approaches that can help members to “adapt and thrive in a post-pandemic digital world”.

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This is just a snapshot of some of the communities for entrepreneurs and business owners on Guild.

New communities are created every day, some are private and invite-only.

You could even create your own community on Guild for free.

Make sure you explore the Guild directory as soon as you’ve joined as a member.

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