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Communities for HR professionals

HR professionals are called “people professionals” for good reason. We see that every day on Guild, where scores of communities bring HR specialists together. They’re amongst the most generous and supportive communities we’ve seen. Every day HR community members are helping each other to find answers to those

Case Study: Trade Association Forum boosts membership offering with community on Guild

The Trade Association Forum (TAF) is the ‘association of associations’. It helps UK trade associations lead their sectors, share best practice and it promotes the role of trade associations to government, industry and the wider public.   TAF's members represent more than 135,000 UK businesses and include the National Association

Case study: Geeves Mastermind Club

In brief Geeves Mastermind Club, also known as GMClub, provides cost-effective, affordable support and services and professional coaching to small businesses, new businesses, and freelancers. The end goal is simple: to help enable business growth and for the owners to develop. It delivers a range of expert-led coaching, business strategy,

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