Choosing a community platform can be challenging. Moving an existing community to a new platform can seem even harder.

But migrating your community can present opportunities to rejuvenate, re-engage and even grow your membership.

Blaise Grimes-Viort, Guild Community Collective host and founder of community consultancy Is The Answer, recently led a Community Conversation with someone who's done exactly this. Kashi Chellen is the Community Manager for the Happiness & Humans run by The Happiness Index. The Happiness Index's employee engagement and happiness platform helps HR and people professionals to understand how teams "think, feel and behave".

The Happiness & Humans community is a space where HR and People professionals who are serious about changing the world of work for the better can connect and collaborate.

Kashi and Blaise discussed:

  • Why The Happiness Index decided Slack was no longer right for their community
  • How they planned and communicated the move
  • The results and outcomes for the community and its members

The principles could apply to any community platform change. Kashi's tips include:

  • Running a community needs a change of mindset - "it's less about the numbers and quantity. And it's more about the quality."
  • Why accessiblity, aesthetics and user-friendliness are important for community engagement
  • The importance of planning and mapping out a timeline
  • How to decide what content to bring over to a new platform
  • The effectiveness of clear, consistent communication with your members and team
  • The unexpected benefits of changing your community platform - and how to measure success

See the full recording here:

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