Habitat for Humanity use Guild as a communication tool for project managers on-site and capture user-generated content in a more structured way.

Habitat for Humanity were previously using WhatsApp & Slack to capture user-generated content from project teams building houses abroad. They choose Guild as they wanted a centralised place to monitor on-site logistics activity and needed a better way to capture user-generated content.

The Opportunity

Habitat for Humanity Great Britain is a non-profit that organises and facilitates the building of homes for people who need it. They were using a myriad communication tools to communicate with their volunteers working on overseas build projects,  including Slack and WhatsApp.

They were keen to improve their user experience and streamline communications between on-site operations and headquarters. Slack worked well for them as a tool for internal communication, but didn’t quite serve the right purpose for the projects that Habitat for Humanity GB managed externally.

WhatsApp was used by volunteers informally, but Habitat for Humanity GB wanted to formalise and professionalise the communication between volunteers and found that this was easier to achieve through Guild.

Habitat for Humanity GB wanted a better way to capture user-generated content, which could quickly be picked up and utilised by HQ. As a non-profit, brand recognition/protection is important to them, which is why Guild’s ability to brand groups was an attractive prospect.

Guild's Solution

Groups are set up on Guild for all of Habitat for Humanity's live builds. The groups are hosted by the Team Leaders of each of the builds. Guild provides a simple way for project managers to organise logistics and communicate important information to the whole group.

  • Streamlining communications between volunteers and HQ - HQ is now able to oversee what is happening on the ground through an instant messaging experience. It also provides them with the assurance that all builds are going to plan.
  • Capturing user-generated content in a more structured way - Previously user-generated content was captured informally and over a number of different platforms after builds were completed. Guild provides Habitat for Humanity GB with live user-generated contact, that is captured on one platform. The transparency amongst build groups also creates a sense of camaraderie and healthy competition, which will increase the amount of content produced over time.
  • Keeping alumni community close - Habitat for Humanity GB also set up an alumni community on Guild to ensure that they are able to keep in contact with previous build participants, which increases referrals over time.

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