The Chairman's Network uses Guild to provide a secure space for members to connect and network before and after meetings.

Chairmen, Entrepreneurs, Board Directors and NEDs are often super-connectors, having built up years of experience in their fields, amassing a valuable network of connections. Guild allows members of the Chairman's Network to network more effectively, helping members share comments and opportunities to do more or better business.

The Opportunity:

The Chairman's Network is the Collaborative Business Network for Chairmen, Entrepreneurs, Board Directors and NEDs. Finding a way for the Chairman's Network members to connect or "carry on the conversation" provides additional value to Chairman’s Network members beyond physical meet-ups.

Guild Solution:

We initially set up a member-wide group called the Chairman's Network on Guild. Subsequently, special interest sub-groups were set up and hosted by members of the group. Members are now able to contact and do business in an easy and immediate way with like-minded or sector-specific members rather than traditional email.

  • Enhanced Networking -  Members are now able to connect and create business opportunities with each other in a simple way. Chairman's Network members are able to make introductions amongst each other without necessarily attending face-to-face events.
  • Increased member stickiness - From a business's perspective, Guild can increase member stickiness which improves member retention. In an age of increased competition, it is evermore important to nurture and keep your existing customers close.

If you run a professional network then get in contact and you can get started for free up to 30 members.