In brief

John Caldon, CEO of the London Warrant Enforcement, wanted to find an affordable, GDPR-compliant messaging app to co-ordinate agents across London.

Guild provides a simple and streamlined way to organise debt collections and report how many debt collections are made within a specified time period. Guild's lightweight, mobile-optimised messaging experience made communication on the go private, secure, easy and convenient.

The Opportunity

London Warrant Enforcement is an enforcement agency, that manages a workforce of enforcement agents. They were previously using WhatsApp to manage their communications.

However, after the introduction of GDPR, John wanted to make sure that all his communications within his team were properly GDPR-compliant (you might like to check out our article on why WhatsApp is not GDPR-compliant). Other messaging solutions were either too expensive or did not serve the right purposes.

Guild's Solution

We set up a group for John and his workforce of agents. His agents are able to quickly report what collections are made in a day. Group-level conversations enables full team transparency and streamlined communications.


WhatsApp data privacy is questionable. In our article "Is WhatsApp GDPR-compliant? A lawyer's view", we outline the reasons why WhatsApp is not considered GDPR-compliant. A few of the reasons include:

  • Lack of consent - Access to contacts that have no consented to be contacted via WhatsApp can be found, added to groups and contacted through WhatsApp.
  • Collection of data - WhatsApp integrates your contacts list into the app and holds and processes this information within the app.

Overseeing operations

John is now able to oversee what is going on on the ground through an instant messaging experience. It also provides him with the assurance that the target number of collections are being made in a timely manner.

Affordable communications

John was considering alternate solutions that very priced very highly and was keen to find a suitable, more affordable, alternative which he could comfortably scale across the organisation. Guild's costs per user is less than £7 per year which makes it very affordable to most organisations and a lot less than any 'enteprise' messaging solutions.

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