Messaging apps are growing faster than social media.

The world's four largest messaging apps have 1.5 billion more users than the four largest social networks.

Families and friends held apart by lockdown measures has certainly contributed to the rapid growth of messaging across many apps and platforms.

But a recent poll amongst UK membership organisations found that the growth in messaging app use isn't solely restricted to consumers.

Membership organisations and professional associations are also using messaging as a communications channel, and can see opportunities for the future.  

73% of UK member organisations and associations surveyed said their use of messaging had increased during lockdown

The poll was conducted during a MemberWise Best Practice Webinar in May 2020.

It found that 73% of respondents from membership organisations had increased their personal and professional use of messaging apps since lockdown measures had begun.

Data - Membership organisation use of messaging apps has increased by 73%

The biggest potential impact for messaging is for membership communities and groups

Membership organisations are clearly looking to harness the power of messaging in the both the short and long term.

When asked where messaging is likely to have the most impact for membership organisations, 67% of those polled said that they could see messaging working hardest for member groups and communities.

12% said that messaging could support customer service, 10% felt it could support member events and 10% saw an opportunity for internal communications.

Data - Membership organisation use of messaging apps for member groups and communities

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