Earth Day's mission is to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide. Here on Guild we're encouraged to see the growth of professional networks which help their members to share expertise on all aspects of sustainability in business.

Once you've undertaken your "simple act of green" this Earth Day, if you're looking to make your workplace or business more sustainable, consider joining one of these groups to find inspiration and peer support.

Delivering Sustainability in Your Business

Hosted by Catherine Weetman, this group aims to support sustainability champions at all levels to implement practical, achievable programmes in their organisations. Catherine is an international speaker, workshop facilitator, coach, consultant and host of the Circular Economy Podcast and the group has over 100 members sharing tips and experiences on sustainable business.

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Decarbonisation Leaders

This group is offering support to those in energy-intensive sectors. Host Alex Cameron from Decarb Connect aims to help members share resources, build relationships and learn from each others' experiences in order to accelerate decarbonisation in their industries.

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Creatives for Climate

Hosted by Zoë van Horen, this group is for creatives to put the power and influence of storytelling to work, inspiring and driving change.

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Warrior Women

The Warrior Women Network has a broader remit, for women who are working to improve society and tackle climate change. Founded by Karla Morales-Lee, this is a membership organisation consisting of 100+ self-identifying women worldwide taking action on "problems that matter".

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