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Community Conversation: Engaging charity volunteers with online community

Join us for our latest Community Conversation, where we meet community managers for short chats about an aspect of their community.

Our latest guest is Jenny Cater, Volunteer Attraction & Engagement Manager at the children's literacy charity Bookmark. Part of Jenny's role involves managing dedicated communities which support, connect and engage Bookmark's 2,000+ reading volunteers across the UK.

She'll be chatting with Guild Community Collective's Blaise Grimes-Viort about how these online communities are a vital part of Bookmark's tech stack, helping them to train volunteers to deliver tens of thousands of volunteering hours to pupils at hundreds of primary schools across the country.
They'll cover:

- Why Bookmark has handpicked its technology stack to offer a tailored solution for volunteers
- What a highly effective onboarding programme looks like
- How connecting volunteers to each other saves time and delivers better results for the charity and the people it serves
- Why and how a community can contribute to a better volunteer experience and improve engagement, loyalty and advocacy

This is a short informal session but questions are welcome either during the session, or you can join the conversation afterwards in Guild Community Collective.

Discover more about becoming a reading volunteer with Bookmark and change a child’s life story -

Register now to join us on Wed 14/02/2024

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