In August 2018 we conducted research with 500 UK and US professionals between 21-64yrs old to benchmark their use of WhatsApp for work/professional use.

We have just repeated the research (Dec 2019) to understand how usage and opinions are changing.

The use of WhatsApp for work / professionally increases to 42%

In 2018 38.2% of respondents who used WhatsApp also used it for non-personal purposes. That figure has now increased to 42.07%:

The desire for a messaging app that is separate and used just for work has also increased to almost 80%

In 2018 75.56% of respondents who used WhatsApp professionally expressed a desire to have a separate messaging app dedicated just to work. That figure has now increased to 78.6%:


Our tracking study suggests that the desire for a messaging app focused on professional use is increasing almost exactly in line with the increase in usage of WhatsApp for work purposes.

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