Leaders involved in financial transformation within law firms use Guild to stay connected and collaborate in realtime with industry peers.

Legal Support Network's goal is to support the community in solving their day-to-day business challenges through sharing knowledge, providing access to education and relevant peer and supplier connections.

LSN binds the community together through its weekly newsletter and content rich website and delivers tangible value to the community through a series of networking events throughout the UK and uses Guild to stay connected in between events.

Guild is integral to allowing members of this recently launched Special Interest Group for leaders involved in financial transformation within law firms, to stay connected and collaborate in realtime with industry peers.

The Opportunity

Legal Support Network (LSN) was launched in 2006 by David Sparkes to connect anyone in a law firm who is not a lawyer e.g. business services or operations. These professionals can work in finance, IT, HR, marketing, risk, knowledge management etc. and many are responsible for delivering change and transformation within their firm.

The introduction of Special Interest Groups to the Legal Support Network community aim to deepen LSN's relationship with key roles within law firms by providing a highly relevant and intimate environment to qualifying SIG members to share and collaborate. The plan is to roll-out a manageable number of SIGs to key operational areas within law firms.

Purpose of SIGs:

  • Foster connections, introductions, knowledge-sharing, collaboration and best practice amongst the members
  • Create mutually supportive network for its members
  • Provide an environment that tangibly helps members resolve day to day strategic and tactical challenges
  • Fast-track access to answers and solutions from members

Guild's Solution

Guild is used to support the purpose of all the SIGs across Legal Support Network. The group for the finance systems leaders SIG very quickly grew to over 40 members and serves to complement the quarterly face-to-face meetings, providing a private forum for the members to share information and insight amongst the group, as well as providing insight into what topics are of interest to attendees. The group is hosted by David with support from a Community Manager.

Trusted knowledge-sharing network

Guild provides a private and trusted space for members of the LSN to tap into a network of high-value peers who share the same pains and challenges day-to-day. Guild’s mobile experience provides a simple way for members to contact the network, whilst protecting the data and information shared within it.

Tailored event and content curation

David and the team are able to pay close attention to this network and capture valuable insight to curate and organise events tailored to the SIG and other communities within LSN. Through conversation analysis, David and the team are also able to create content that is highly relevant to the SIG. In addition, the group provides a highly valuable market research tool for LSN.

Try Guild now for free 🙂

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