About the Charity Marketing Digital and Comms Pioneers group

British professional messaging app Guild has set up "Charity Marketing Digital and Comms Pioneers" as a peer support group for senior marketing, digital and comms professionals in the third sector.

The Charity Marketing Digital & Comms Pioneers group is a centre of excellence for strategy and practice. A place for visionaries and leaders in the art and science of marketing, digital, communications and PR in Charity and not-for-profit organisations.

The purpose of the group is for leading marketers, consultants and other practitioners working in charities and social enterprises to share insights and best practice with peers. To tap into the collective expertise and connections of the community to ask/answer questions and make valuable new connections in a private, trusted, space. Group members should be senior/experienced or doing leading work in the third sector.

The group is hosted by Michelle Goodall, who has worked with charities, not-for-profits and third sector organisations on digital transformation, digital marketing and communications projects for many years.

How to join Charity Marketing Digital and Comms Pioneers (CMDCP)

Note - this group is for experienced practitioners. Typically senior roles (Heads, Directors or senior Marketing/Digital/Comms Managers), but also anyone doing leading work, or working with charities, social enterprises and other third sector organisations.

Please do invite other leading charity and third sector professionals to join - consultants, agencies, vendors are fine but not recruiters please unless otherwise agreed. We will remove any recruiters who join without prior agreement. You can share this article or a link to the community's listing on the Guild directory.

You'll be made to feel very welcome by the community.

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