Community Manager Appreciation Day has been renamed Community Manager Advancement Day for 2020 to highlight the strategic role that community plays in organisations.

CMAD falls on January 27th 2020 and is a day to celebrate Community Managers who work tirelessly, often without recognition, and the value that they bring to organisations.

To celebrate #CMAD we are featuring three Community Managers who have successfully developed and grown communities on Guild.

Today we're featuring Rosey Jarvis.

Rosey is the Community Manager for 'HR Punks' - a community of HR leaders.

HR Punks started with humble beginnings, a drink in the pub with a few friends, since then the community has grown significantly to 77 members in under 6-months. The HR Punks still meet up for a beer once in a while, but Guild has brought the community closer together.

Here is an overview of Rosey's HR community and why they moved it from WhatsApp to Guild HR Punks move from WhatsApp to Guild.

Rosey shares her thoughts about how to create and maintain a successful community. She also talks about some of the Guild features she likes as community manager.

Rosey Jarvis, Community Manager for HR Punks shares a community management tip #CMAD
Rosey Jarvis, Community Manager for HR Punks shares a community management tip 

What do you think are the most important building blocks for a successful online community?

"It's really important to encourage members to engage with each other by sharing advice and asking questions.

When members openly communicate, it can become a useful place for everyone to gain a little insight from each other!"

Do you think there is a difference between an online and offline community?

"I think it depends on the purpose of the community.

If you want to create a community that is more personable, it's great to share and host events so that members can meet face to face and get to know each other.

In HR Punks, we are always sharing events that members come along to and it's always great to see everyone connecting in person."

What is the role of a host in a community?

"To ensure that members benefit in some way from being part of the community and to promote the vision and purpose, so that its clear to all the members how they can positively contribute to the group."

How has Guild helped you nurture your community?

"I've enjoyed using Guild to nurture our community when welcoming new members.

I've personalised the invitation to HR Punks so that the messaging gets our purpose across to the new members right away.

Its also useful to be able to send a personal direct message from myself once they have accepted the invite."

Guild is a messaging app designed for businesses that is perfect for hosting private communities and groups.

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