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HR professionals are called “people professionals” for good reason. We see that every day on Guild, where scores of communities bring HR specialists together. They’re amongst the most generous and supportive communities we’ve seen. Every day HR community members are helping each other to find answers to those

Building Better Business - interview with author Shereen Daniels, MD at HR rewired

In this Building Better Business, we meet Shereen Daniels whose book, The Anti-Racist Organization, is out this month. Shereen is Managing Director of the anti-racism advisory firm HR rewired, and Chair of the African Diaspora Economic Inclusion Foundation (ADEIF). In 2021 HR Magazine named Shereen "HR Most Influential Thinker 2021"

#BreakTheBias thoughts from Guild members on International Women's Day 2022

Social media platforms don’t always have the best reputation for balanced, thoughtful conversations. Algorithms that power what we see and who we talk to in social media can mean we miss vital new ideas and alternative perspectives. Engagement bait encourages quick responses that can reinforce bias and create “filter

Case study: HR Recruit support 'people professionals' with HR Network - a community of practice on Guild

In brief HR Recruit is the UK's leading human resources recruitment specialist. They connect HR talent from directorate to assistant level to employers. HR Recruit created its HR Network to support candidates and clients with a programme of roundtables, networking events and webinars. There's also a catalogue of practical resources

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